Praise of the sunrise

Who has lived it, knows it: there is nothing that can be compared to the storm of sensations that occurs when you wake up in your tent (or in your tarp, or in your bivvy, or in your sleeping bag) after of a good night’s sleep (kinda). It does not always happen, but from time to time, if the weather and the circumstances allow it, everything seems to be in its place.

At first, you might feel drowsy (we have already said that one does not sleep like at home… we’ve never slept a full straight night), or cold. A little confused, maybe, until you remember what you’re doing, where you were yesterday, and your location. And then it comes: satisfaction. Knowing that you have arrived where you are by your own means, with the cost of your own sweat, based on your effort. Realise that you are, in a certain way, unique, although you may be 5 meters away from the group you saw yesterday’s tent. Because you are part of a select group of chosen people; those who choose to reconnect with nature, those who choose to see the world on a real scale: you, little one, and the huge, vast landscape open to you. It shines in all its splendor, illuminated by the warm light of dawn, showing different angles from those of the previous day, that only you, being there, at that precise moment, thanks to your effort, can enjoy. And you come out of the sleeping bag, and from the tent, and you warm yourself from the inside (with a coffee) and from the outside with the timid rays of sun that are starting to reach you, while you try to treasure everything that stimulates your senses and think: this is why I am here; it’s worth it.

It’s your moment, it’s your tent, your bag, your effort, your reward … Your sunrise.

DMC-LX3 f/4.5 1/60sec ISO-100 12.8mm

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