Next destination: Ladakh

That time of the year has already arrived… at this point, we review the world map and all the travel and trekking guides avaliable on the internet, to decide the destination where we will travel to in summer, seeking new emotions and adventures. At the moment, it seems that this year the trip will be to an area of ​​India known as “Little Tibet”: Ladakh.

We have been considering it in another time (after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015), although we finally went to Peru.

We already have the guide from Cicerone (among the bests, in our humble opinion) and a map of the area. We have to prepare all the logistics, of course, even decide what routes we are going to do. Aparently, we are going to have to take the tent and all the kitchenware, because although it has infrastructure of “Nepali-style” accommodation, on all routes it is necessary to camp at least one day.

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As we always say, english it’s not our mother tongue. So don’t be harsh with us…

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