Enix Sandals 080: long-term review

We’ve spent a while using this ultralight sandals, and now we offer our review: excelent footwear for use it around camp after a hard day of trekking, to rest our feet.

Time has passed and I believe I’m able to give a more informed opinion and make a long-term review on the performance of the Enix 80 sandals, which have already come with us in a few trips.

First of all, as we said previously, I want to make it clear that the use I am giving them is not for running, but as ultralight shoes for rest the feet, around camp and/or urban. I can not give my opinion about their racing capabilities.

First, regarding durability; I must say that I find it outstanding. Both the sole (remember, it is a 8 mm Vibram Clivia outsole), the strap and closure system are in full performance, without any signs of wear or deterioration. Only the end of the strap is a bit frayed, but that’s more because of my laziness, because easily with a lighter I’d solve that minimum problem.

Speaking of the strap, I must say that, at first, it took me a while to get the adjustment system work for me, but the learning curve is fast. It is not at all obtrusing or irritating in any of the points where it comes in contact with the skin, either on the back of the foot, the heel or between the fingers (where it is softer, made from another material). I was especially concerned about this last area, because other sandals I’ve tried immediately made me chafing, but I have not had the slightest problem with the Enix.

My Enix showin their potential around Ref. Espuguettes. Don’t mind the quality of the foto, cause it’s done with my cellphone

Let’s continue speaking about comfort: when I have given them an intensive urban use, wandering a lot, one ends up noticing in the area of ​​the heel that the thickness of the sole is only 8 mm. I am talking about several hours straight walking or standing, not a simple stroll. I imagine that while running this should not be noticed, because the sandals are designed for barefoot running, but when I walk I make my normal footstep with my weight on the heel and, at the end of the day, the foot ends more tired than with more cushioned footwear. But nothing serious, it’s not that it hurts or anything like that.

By the way, should be noticed that the possible irregularities of the ground are apparent while walking, but they are not disturbing, the cushioning that they have is enough.

Regarding their use as resting and around camp shoes, for me is almost ideal (I said ‘almost’ because there is a small detail that I will comment later): they are very light, which is to be welcomed considering that you will carry them all day in your backpack , the feet are able to rest in confort with them on, and also ventilates (helping to control unwanted odors).

Fresh and happy feet, with ‘Brecha de Rolando’ in the background.

The drawback is when I have used them with socks. I bought some merino toe-socks to use with my sandals and move around the camp or shelter comfortably and with my feet warm. But with the socks on, the foot slips on the footbed of the sandal. With bare feet it has not happened to me, the material is good and it really turns out to be non-slip. But when using it with socks you have to put caution when walking, because you could twist your ankle or fall (I have been close to fall several times during my night-tiem pee). I think that for this season I’m going to stick some drops of silicone or some other similar material on the footbed, to see if it increases the adherence to the fabric to the sock. If it works, I’ll update the post.

In any case, I am very happy with them, the price quality ratio is outstanding (I paid less than € 45 in their day), the durability for the use that I give them is going to be more than enough and in my opinion, their functionality as resting footwear after a long day of trekking is excellent (considering the small drawback of the socks).

Nice work, people of Enix Sandals!

Disclaimer: we’re not related to Enix Sandals by any means. We purchased this sandals with our well earned money.

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