Gear novelties 2017

This year we have several new arrivals on our lightweight travel gear closets. Some of them has been purchased because nothing lasts forever, and the unavoidable tear and wear of the apparel force us to do it; but honestly, this whole thing about enlightening your backpack is a neverending story. Nothing is light enougth!

Behold our new lightweight gear for the season 2017/2018!

Once we come back from this year destination, we’ll share our thoughts, as we’ve already done…

  • Salewa Firetail 3 – approach shoes
  • Quechua Helium windshield
  • Salewa Pedroc Pant
  • Ternua Hyper Pant
  • Quechua trail short: despite i’ve never used it in this kind of travel (that’s the reason why it’s in this list), it’s been around for a while, and i love it. In my XL size weights 140 g, has two zipped pockets, reflective elements, it fits smart (to my taste)… there’s one thing bad: it’s been discontinued. But if you find one, don’t hesitate and bought it!

As we always say, english it’s not our mother tongue. So don’t be harsh with us…

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