Kitlist 2015

A fundamental thing that you must do if you want to lighten up the load you carry when you’re out there is to make lists: weigh all the things that we carry with us, make a spreadsheet and add everything, to know our material (we already discussed that the weight should be a determining factor when making purchases) and then make an informed decision about what to wear and carry, and what not. If you have never done it, it could be an unpleasant surprise, seeing how those little things that we don’t consider heavy add a considerable amount of weight, or how the total load shoots even if we try to carry light gear…

it weights as it looks… heavy!

We started doing so a while ago, after our first trekking trip, and we tried to keep a master spreadsheet with all the gear we have, creating a particular list every time we go on an adventure. Although it is somewhat outdated, we now publish our kitlist for the last destination we went to with the complete equipment: including tent, cookware, etc. There is only the data of one of us (Carlos) who is more strict at the time of weighing his gear, and also is the one that actually carries most of the “shared stuff”.

Lista viaje 2015

As we say, the table is outdated, because as we discussed here, this year there have been new purchases. Soon we will upload a new table with the updated list (once we decide what we take this year, because despite what we write here, it is not 100% clear yet)

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